Club Journal

Current journal

Member contributions always welcome!

Material for inclusion in the journal should be forwarded to the editor, bearing the name and address of the author, please. N.B Editing may be necessary for space purposes or clarity.

Contributions are asked to note the following:

• The journal is published every TWO Months.

• All material for publication should be submitted to the editor no later than TWO weeks prior to the club meeting.

Mark O’Donohue will assist members who would like to contribute a journal item – perhaps a story about a club outing or a particular activity. Special items of interest to our readership don’t always have to be about cars! We have always been a social club. Mark can be contacted on 0413 970 466 and he will organize the details to be included in the next edition of the club journal. Or email

Each member is asked to fully co-operate by providing their stories / articles in plenty of time to meet publishing deadlines. We also offer a “For Sale” and “Wanted to Buy” section (TV’s, VCR’s, EJ’s, EH’s, etc) as a service to our members, all free of charge.


Good stories are enhanced when accompanied by good photographs. They bring your stories alive. Try to obtain a good dark / light contrast between your subjects (cars, people) and their background to enhance their subsequent reproduction in the journal. Only good, clear, original prints or digital images can be accepted for publication. Please remember to take your camera to our next club outing and capture the photo of the year. It could help your story or that of another member.


Opinions expressed in this journal are not necessarily those of the club or the committee. Information supplied to the editor for inclusion is published in good faith. Therefore the responsibility for its accuracy cannot be accepted.

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